Yes, that’s right, pants.

I never paid any mind to the bottom half of an outfit. For me, it was always a nice, medium to dark wash skinny jean, and that was that. That is…until I started thrifting. I know I talk all the time about thrifting and how ah-mazing it is. And it is! Not only is it extremely eco-friendly, but you can find some really phenomenal and rare pieces for, often times, pennies. When I first started thrifting, I only had eyes for that coveted pair of vintage Levi’s; trousers were ~outdated~ and completely out of the question. Well, I found my Levi’s, but along the way there actually were some trousers that caught my eye. I remember the first pair I ever picked up: high-rise, straight leg, blue and white pinstripe Brandy Melville look-a-likes. Little did I know that I would actually kind of become a little bit obsessed with thrifted trousers; the louder and funkier, the better. As I was packing up my dorm to go home for winter break, I realized that I had somewhere over 40 pairs of pants, all except for maybe my Reformation jeans were thrifted. As I’ve been sort of coming into my own and learning what my style actually is, I realized how much power is in a pair of pants. In this post, I’m going to share my favorite pairs of trousers that I have picked up over first semester, and how I style them!

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