New Year’s Resolutions & Hello 2018

Hi readers,

To think that 2017 is coming to a close is really kind of mind-blowing to think about. Like most everyone else, I’ve been scrolling through Instagram looking at (and making my own) everyone’s sweet little sentimental story montages, and it got me to thinking about my New Year’s resolutions. I wanted to sit down and really put my heart and soul into these resolutions, as I have never really been serious or even given much thought to making changes to my life after the ball drops. But 2017 Stella is different, and has grown into somebody who does not want to stop growing. Like plenty of other things in my life, I thought what better way to bring in the New Year than to share it with the audience that has shown me what my true passion is in life.

  1. Pop more bottles (of Evian hahahahah I’m sorry. But for real, I need to drink more water.)
  2. Be more disciplined about spending time with Jesus everyday and really making it a point to seek God’s will in my life. None of this matters if God isn’t at the center of it.
  3. Spend more time outside (when it’s warmer, obviously)
  4. Journal! Journaling is such a great way to track personal growth.
  6. Be more consistent in posting blog posts!
  7. Watch more movies
  8. Cook more
  9. ACTUALLY go to the gym. Getting there is the worst part, but once I’m in it’s actually not that bad.
  10. Combat anxiety and being pessimistic and look on the bright side, because there is always a bright side!
  11. Doodle more, paint more, draw more.
  12. Make more Spotify playlists.
  13. Spend more time with my family.
  14. Be intentional about spending time with people I don’t normally see on a daily basis.
  15. Be more intentional about friendships.

I’m keeping it short & sweet, and I’m so excited to keep up with these resolutions in 2018. This year has been a year full of so much growth, change, and development mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. I have closed a chapter completely on my life and opened a new one at the same time, and it has been the most incredible and trying experience. When I look back on this year, I think of the doors that were slammed shut, but then I think about the doors that flung right open. Some almost instantly, some required waiting and patience (probably the most important lesson that I learned this year), but nevertheless, I have been so blessed. I am so grateful for all of the people that have come into my life and remained; you all are such huge pieces of who I am and you make life so much brighter. I am so thankful and most of all, humbled, by all of the insane once-in-a-lifetime opportunities I have had this year. From hosting an event at Madewell to visiting the Mogul offices in Hearst Tower (an actual dream come true), to interning with College Fashionista and moving up in the program, all of these opportunities have reminded me that nothing worth having comes except through my God, who is so faithful, and from working your actual butt off.

My prayer is that you all have an amazing 2018: one full of triumph, motivation, inspiration, & growth.

Thank you all.

Happy New Year.



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