MODE FILLE FRANÇAISE | How to Rock French Girl Fashion

If you’ve seen my “Recently Listened To” on Spotify, you’d see the Marie Antoinette (directed by Sophia Coppola) movie soundtrack, and that soundtrack has me feeling all kinds of ways. I tend to dress like what I listen to, and recently it’s been “Moi Je Joue” by Brigitte Bardot on repeat, and I’m totally not mad about it. The “it-girl” French fashion trend has us all wanting to glamorously stroll down the street to pick up a fresh baguette at a local café while rocking a beret and a neck scarf, but sometimes you have to make do with what you have! This weekend my city had a J. Crew warehouse sale, and after digging and digging through boxes of sample clothing from past catalog shoots, returned clothing, and random partnership pieces, I stumbled upon this glorious Millennial pink wool beret. To say my heart stopped beating is an understatement of just how excited I was to have found this treasure. To add to the excitement, it was only $8.00! The inner French girl in me was absolutely beaming at this find, and instantly I knew that I would be sporting this piece way more than I should.

I wanted to incorporate this gem into a wearable look, not just for an editorial shoot or for my annual holiday lookbook (which is coming up, by the way, so keep an eye out for the theme!), but something that I could wear to class and out in everyday life…because a non-French French girl has to be authentic, right? I paired this beautiful wool beret with a silk navy and white wide-leg jumpsuit with an amazing star pattern all over it, and layered the jumpsuit over a black turtleneck (because it wouldn’t be a LEWK without my “second skin”), and these amazing La Canadienne leather boots that I thrifted!

(And YES, I am blonde now! If you want to read all about it and see how I care for my blonde locks, read it here!)

IMG_2114 2

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  • italian wool beret – j. crew (here)
  • tissue turtleneck – j. crew (here)
  • petite tie-back jumpsuit in star print – j. crew (here)
  • solana booties – la canadienne (here)




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