“You’re Allowed to be Unqualified”

Today I was sitting in my first class of the day…

It’s a communications class (an elective for my Business Marketing major) and my professor was basically breaking down the class and getting rid of any anxieties we might have. The class is focused on media and culture, and as we were discussing how media truly influences us and how we appear on social media, my professor said something that I think we all seem to forget in this day and age. My professor said

“It’s okay to be unqualified. You can’t do everything, God gifted you with certain things, and we all have certain strengths and weaknesses. You don’t have to know it all. You’re allowed to be unqualified.”

As a blogger and a passionate advocate for social media business, I more often than not feel like I have to overcompensate for my weaknesses; where I lack in certain skills and areas. This field is an extremely visual field and is heavily centered around networking. To network is to display your qualifications and, really, sell yourself to the audience. The deeper you dig into blogging and the more growth your social media platform gets, the easier it is to feel like you’re juggling. Juggling your image, your social media following, blog analytics, outreach, collaborations, pressure to be “yourself”, but also to be socially accepted and relatable. Today I was reminded that it’s okay to not do everything. It’s more important to step back and look at your qualifications, your skills, what you’re good at, and build upon those and use those unique strengths to reach someone that maybe has been searching to connect with a blog just like yours.

So, bloggers, fellow creatives, influencers, there is no need to size up. Let’s all just be real for a second and acknowledge that it’s okay that you can’t do it all. What you can do, though, be great at it and master your craft. What you can’t do, observe others and learn from it, or collaborate with others and build on your combined skills. Today’s class was refreshing, eye opening, and real. I freaking love college.





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