And I’m sure by reading the title you’ve guessed it. Bodysuits, ladies and gentlemen. Bodysuits are all the rage right now in the realm of fashion, and understandably so! There’s nothing worse than finding a super cute top to tuck into those high-rise jeans, only to go throughout your whole day constantly tugging at the bottom of your tee. You can’t let a shirt interrupt your grind. Bodysuits are a great way to achieve that crisp, clean look of having a top tucked into pants or a skirt, but without all the hassle and discomfort of all the tugging. One of my favorite brands, AreYouAmI, designed a beautifully minimalistic 90s-esque bodysuit called the “Kimia” bodysuit. It’s spaghetti strap (so not the MOST bra-friendly bodysuit, but there are ways to work around this pretty easily) and square-neck. Overall, this piece, as seen on Kendall Jenner, various Victoria’s Secret Angels, and more, is one of the most coveted pieces of the summer. As much as I would love to rock this one, it’s a bit out of my price range. So, me, being the frugal shopper that my mom taught me to be, took it upon myself to check out Forever 21’s selection of bodysuits. The great thing about Forever 21 is that it’s extremely affordable, and they have hundreds of variations of on-trend pieces to choose from. Now, with fast fashion carriers, you have to be careful with the products you purchase (because quality can sometimes be compromised for affordability), but a great rule of thumb is that basic pieces are normally pretty great quality and hold together for plenty of wear time. I purchased three bodysuits from Forever 21…ALL COSTING ONLY $8.90! Not only do they look and fit super similar to the “Kimia” bodysuit, but they fit beautifully and go with basically everything in my closet.

I’ve actually been wearing these non-stop since I’ve gotten them, and I styled them how I’ve actually been wearing them out into the world so this is super accurate and just goes to show how wearable these pieces actually are. They’ve been super comfortable and completely hassle free. They serve as great layering pieces (the more bra-friendly version), but alone they make for a super clean-cut look without putting in too much effort. The best way to wear them on their own is with a strapless bralette (which you can also find on Forever 21’s website for under $5.00! I’ll have everything linked below.)


So for this look I paired the white square-neck bodysuit with my all time favorite wide leg Madewell jeans, classic white Sam Edelman sneakers, vintage Kate Spade rectangle sunnies, a vintage red leather Louis Vuitton handbag, and my summer go-to accessory: a silk bandana from J. Crew (worn as a choker, of course.)


This look is inspired by my all time favorite blogger, Danielle Bernstein of WeWoreWhat. I took my own spin on this city-esque look by embracing the gingham trend and layering this button up over my black square-neck bodysuit. I paired this look with some high-rise denim cutoffs from Abercrombie & Fitch, black patent leather J. Crew loafers, some white vintage-looking sunnies from Forever 21, and a black vintage Louis Vuitton handbag.


I really embraced my inner sunshine with this look. I paired my yellow scoop-neck bodysuit with my vintage high-rise Levi’s, some patent leather and gold accented J. Crew sandals, gold statement hoops from Forever 21, and a vintage yellow leather Kate Spade handbag.


Those are all of my looks! I shot at Thomas Jefferson’s beautiful Poplar Forest retreat, which is a little gem in my city. I loved shooting here, not only is the scenery and history of it just breathtaking, but it fit my three looks perfectly. Mixing high end vintage pieces with something brand new and accessible! I hope you all enjoyed this post as much as I did creating it, and I hope that this helps you style your bodysuits a little easier! Remember, everything is wearable in real life if it makes YOU feel beautiful and comfortable. 


Women’s Square Neck Cami Bodysuit (in black and white): here!

Women’s Stretch Knit Bodysuit (yellow is sold out!!): here!



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