Which means holiday parties are popping up like wildflowers! Sometimes it’s so difficult to figure out what to wear, whether it be an office party, family gathering, “Friendsmas” dinner, or that super cool black-tie event that you’ve been so excited about attending. If you remember last year (for my day-one readers) I photographed a Holiday Lookbook to kick off the season. It was filled with fur hats and dreamy silhouettes…this year, however, we kicked it up a notch. Here at The Stella Files we broke out the ballgowns and the riding boots to serve up some equestrian-chic looks for you this holiday season!

My inspiration for this year’s lookbook was everything Free People, and the way the sun shines through my windows in the morning, hence the title: “The Golden Hour”. I love the juxtaposition of ballgowns photographed in a barn, and the raw look that the farm gives to these otherwise polished looks. “The Golden Hour” is all about everything that glitters, shimmers, and shines; warm tones and golden accents.

earrings: madewell

coat: madewell

sequin t-shirt: j. crew

black overalls: madewell

houndstooth sneakers: vans

hoop earrings: j. crew

blazer: madewell

pixie pants: j. crew

star blouse: free people

riding boots: j. crew

tweed jacket: j. crew

black shirt: brandy melville

lace bralette: victoria’s secret

white gown skirt: j. crew collection

suede tie choker: DIY by stella

maroon net sweater: topshop

lace bralette: victoria’s secret

plaid & leather skirt: madewell

fishnet socks: madewell

leather booties: j. crew

suede tie choker: DIY by stella

gold thumb ring: madewell

black t-shirt: brandy melville

sequin pencil skirt: vintage express

riding boots: j. crew

grey gown: j. crew collection

jeweled belt worn as choker: anthropologie

black t-shirt: brandy melville

satin black miniskirt: j. crew

sequin pencil skirt: vintage express

suede tie choker: DIY by stella

lace bralette: victoria’s secret

knit thigh-high socks: urban outfitters

plaid wrap shawl: j. crew

black riding boots: j. crew

black studded mules: for asos

fur hat: j. crew collection

pearl and diamond earrings: j. crew

black turtleneck: j. crew

gold gown: j. crew collection

black riding boots: j. crew

white dress: abercrombie & fitch

sequin wrap top: j. crew collection

suede studded booties: madewell

gold thumb ring: madewell

I had such an amazing time curating all of these pieces and putting together all of these looks for you all! A huge thank you to my mom for not only helping me find these beautiful pieces for me to shoot in, but for also being the best photographer out there! A big thank you to Lejack Farm for being a beautiful venue to shoot at and for letting me work with some truly magical and beautiful animals! 

I want to finally thank all of my readers for sticking with me through all of my growth and through all of the changes that go into this blog. Looking back on last year’s Holiday Lookbook to now, so much has changed and I have learned so much. You, reader, are my inspiration for this blog! You all are the reason I work so hard on this website. I’m so thankful for the community that has come from this experience.





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