And I am DEFINITELY a Material Girl. I’m totally texture oriented when it comes to clothes; I have to feel the fabric before I can even consider buying the piece of clothing (this is a serious issue when it comes to online shopping!!!). This season is all about mixing textures. Faux fur, crushed velvet, and shredded denim continue to pop up where you would least expect it, and I don’t think any of us fashion girls are complaining! I love that there is so much more room for experimentation this season, and I’m taking full advantage of it.

If you’ve been on my Instagram, Twitter…or even seen me IRL…you know that I’ve been mad obsessed with these shredded Madewell jeans! It’s so difficult to find denim that is frayed in all the right places and still fit like a dream, and these are definitely THAT pair. Now, shredded denim screams casual, so you have to work a little bit harder to dress them up. 

how stella wears it:

When I want to dress up my shredded denim, I normally opt for a black turtleneck (literally my signature, go-to piece) or a top with either a bit of lace or a super streamlined silhouette. Since I don’t really have a place to go where I need to wear heels, I normally just pair my jeans with my Madewell mules or a super clean ballet flat. Not only are they super comfortable, but they compliment the loud denim.

This look has a lot of loud pieces, but the piece that stands out to me the most is definitely my camel-colored wool Madewell coat. I first laid my eyes on it in my local J. Crew store, and I picked it up and couldn’t put it down! I’m so drawn to the oversized blazer look. I’ve always been inspired by menswear-turned-feminine, and this coat is the perfect opportunity to take this look on for myself. The lapels give this otherwise loose coat a sense of structure. 

how stella wears it:

This coat is oversized and will swallow you up if you aren’t careful. The best thing about it is the neutral tone and the lapels that make it super versatile. I love this coat with a black turtleneck and some high rise skinnies if you can’t find a pair of ripped-up jeans. *Balance out large outerwear with a fitted tee or jeans.

For shoes I wanted to showcase my fishnet socks that I scored (for $3.00!) at a J. Crew sale. I’m literally obsessed with these. Fishnets are so on trend right now, and I’m loving how everyone is rocking them. I paired them with my Madewell mules to make them look a bit more wearable. 

how stella wears it:

I love these socks with this look, I just feel like it adds such a personal touch. I would also totally pair these with a pair of leather biker boots and let the tops of the socks peek out. Fishnets, whether they be in sock form or in tights, look super cool with distressed clothing. If you’re looking to rock that urban-grunge cool girl look, grab yourself a pair of fishnets and head out the door! Fishnets and mules are EVERYTHING this season.

shop the look:

  • Madewell Brushweave Cocoon Coat (exact)
  • Madewell Distressed Denim (similar)
  • J. Crew Relaxed Wool Turtleneck (exact)
  • Fishnet socks (similar)
  • Leather mules (similar)

A super quick thank you to my dear friend @HelloGabrielle for shooting all of these photos! Keep an eye out for my feature on her page for College Fashionista in the next few weeks, and make sure to check out her blog here!



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